Meet Me at the Equinox, 2021

Equinox, 2021

Title: Meet Me at the Equinox
Year of Completion:
Medium: Acrylic painting with a resin top-coat on wood board
Dimensions: 90x60 cm / 35.4x23.6" 
Classification: Unique work
 Hand-signed by the Artist
Current Status:
 This painting is not for sale and hangs in the Artist's office at Oevaali Art Shop, Maldives. 

"This free-flow body of work created between the equinoxes reflects significant changes in my life; a turning point. Amidst a global pandemic, isolated from family and away from the islands, I attempt in these pieces to bring structure to my chaos. To think deeply about what I'm choosing to leave behind, and what I'm curious to explore. It is about transition; a with it a search for balance, acceptance and inner alignment. 'Meet Me at the Equinox' is a special painting for me. Every mark and brush strong is from a place of emotion, felt natural and flowed into what it became: a decision to go home."

For thousands of years, we have revered and observed the changing of seasons. 'Equinox' means 'equal night' in Latin; twice a year the sun is in perfect alignment with the Equator and for this reason, the hours of day-light and the hours of darkness draw parallel. What happens in nature in March and in September perhaps reflects what happens within this series: inner shifts, change, and an invitation to reflect on the light and shadows of life's journey.

'Meet Me at the Equinox' 2021 is currently being represented by Galeria Azur Madrid. Featured in Artsy and Artsper.