Raniya Mansoor | Maldives

"Feelings and emotions are passionate, uncharted and disorganised. In my practice, I attempt to capture that natural chaos with a minimal and polished finish. I come to the canvas with free flow, building each layer upon the last and informing the next. I find beauty in the rough marks and textures that pencils, paint and brush naturally create in this process and leave them uncovered. I like it when a work has given dignity to a specific fragment of my life. It may take several days or weeks but it is when I find clarity and inner resolution through the piece, that I know it is complete."

Raniya is a Politics graduate, and a self-taught contemporary Artist. She takes an intuitive and multi-layered, abstract-expressionist approach to create depth and texture in her paintings. Raniya is drawn to creating art that meaningfully connects to life, her Maldivian heritage, and a journey of wellness; and channels her reflections in mixed mediums, paired with a minimalist and structured finish. She is the co-founder of Oevaali Art Shop, a Maldivian studio dedicated to fine art and design.