Equinox, 2021

"This free-flow body of work created between the equinoxes reflects significant changes in my life; a turning point. Amidst a global pandemic, isolated from family and away from the islands, I attempt in these pieces to bring structure to my chaos. To think deeply about what I'm choosing to leave behind, and what I'm curious to explore. It is about transition; a with it a search for balance, acceptance and inner alignment."

For thousands of years, we have revered and observed the changing of seasons. 'Equinox' means 'equal night' in Latin; twice a year the sun is in perfect alignment with the Equator and for this reason, the hours of day-light and the hours of darkness draw parallel. What happens in nature in March and in September perhaps reflects what happens within this series: inner shifts, change, and an invitation to reflect on the light and shadows of life's journey.